Saturday, 27 September 2014

My Collection - Glitter part5 - Silver Glitter - Final Part

Hoorah the last of the glitter polishes! 

These were so hard to photograph in the lighting i had because they just reflected any light in the room but i gave it a go.

L-R: GOSH 'Holographic Hero', Models Own 'Juicy Jules', OPI 'Piouette my whistle', Claire's Accessories-no name on bottle

The ultimate perfect party nail polish they can make you feel like a magpie attracted to shiny things or a 6 year old girl again wearing nail polish for the first time to a disco!

Each of these are so pretty and completely change the look on your nails i love that you can build them up depending on how much glitter you want.


Saturday, 6 September 2014

My Collection - Reds and Oranges

And last but not least...

I have finally reached the end, there are some that i have missed out because i have got them more recently but i will try and keep this updated with all the new polishes i buy. 

L-R: Boots no.17-no name on bottle, Rimmel 'Coralicious', China Glaze 'Make Some Noise', Collection 2000 'Hip Hop'

Who doesn't like wearing red nail polish?! I once owned a Mavala one in the most gorgeous red colour but it was so long ago i can't quite remember the exact shade so i have been on the hunt for something that will do the job.

Three of the polishes above are right up there in my favourites; the only one that isn't is Chine Glaze 'Make Some Noise'. i just don't feel like it's really anything special which is a shame.

Boots No.17 Red you beauty! I love this nail polish, it really is a red red! It's such a sexy colour and i thin this is probably the best red nail polish i've found for the colour i want.

Oh Coralicious how this photo does you no justice. It really is a coral colour and this is my favourite polish to wear on my toes it actually makes feet look nice! It's the first summer colour i will get out and use and it's probably my most used for when i'm just having my nails one colour.

Hip Hop is the best orange nail polish i've found - it's daring and in your face - i love it. It's such a statement colour and just a fun colour to be wearing.


Friday, 5 September 2014

My Collection - Reds

L-R: Boots no.17-no name on bottle, Rimmel 'Desire 393', Barry M 'Retro 3 Red'

This Rimmel nail plish always gets overlooked i never think about using it when maybe i really should it makes my nails look so long and elegant a really flattering colour.

I've realised i need a brown nail polish; not exactly the best colour out there that you would want but for those times when i need that dark shade but not quite black when doing nail art. I thought this Boots No.17 one would be good but as you can see it doesn't come out how it looks in the bottle which is a shame; still the hunt goes on...