Friday, 11 July 2014

Boohoo, Dorothy Perkins, Missguided haul

Having a few days of hot weather made me realise how much i wanted needed more loose fitted  tops so i headed over to Boohoo to see what they had to offer.

Boohoo Rebecca Oversized Raglan Tee - £8
Boohoo Jacky Oversized Tunic Top - £8

I'm so so happy with both of these especially the raglan top. They're both going to be so easy to wear with anything and super comfy. The raglan top is really soft too it's a lovely material.

Somewhere on here i saw a stripe tunic dress and fell in love with it - the shape, style and design. the one i saw was from Topshop but when i tried on the petite it still felt way too big - deeply disappointed! i went searching high and low and found one on Dorothy Perkins (i ended up getting it off the Dorothy Perkins part of BHS as Dorothy Perkins didn't have my size). They no longer have this in stock unfortunately.

I had my eye on this playsuit from Missguided for a while and i just ended up buying it :)

Missguided Migle Plunge Neck Playsuit - £19.99

Obviously the lady on the website has a very ample bust but for me i just wear a little cami underneath and the material is so so so soft!


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

H&M haul and Primark Shoes

Without realising it i've actually done quite a bit of shopping recently and now it's all come together i can see what i've got.

I love that feeling of buying something new having a shopping bag in your hand and the excitement of wearing it for the first time! Even more so when you get a bargain!

First up the one place i go to get my shoes from...Primark. You just can't go wrong, they seem to last a long time and even if they don't i know i've only spent about £6 on them anyway. I've always found they fit me well (though i can't say the same for their heels!)

 I picked up these 3 beauties, black, grey and nude/pink. The black pair were £4, the grey were £6 and i think the pink/nude ones were £4 from what i can remember.

I spend the majority of my money in H&M and a fair amount of my time in their too, it's the first place i will go to when i need anything.

H&M Long Strappy Top - £3.99
H&M Leggings - £5.99
H&M Crop Top - £3.99
H&M Oversized Crop Top - £3.99

I wanted a black baggy crop top and i found 2, one was quicte high neck, oversized size 8 and the other one was actually a size Large but i wanted it baggy meaning it had a scoop neck. I tried both on and just couldn't decide which neck i liked best. So, if in doubt buy both!

H&M Size Large crop top

H&M Oversized Crop Top Size 8

I don't know what made me fall in love with this dress but it looked quite sophisticated and something i wouldn't usually pick up.

The dress above i just happened to see whilst i was on the hunt for the below which i had seen in another store where they only had larger sizes left. I was thinking about it so much i went after work to another H&M with all fingers and toes crossed and i got the last one!

I had one of those moments where i was walking around with a massive grin on my face wnating to grab everyone and tell them what had just happened.

H&M Lace detail dress - £12.99 - Size 8 - not the exact one but closest to it.

I'll be posting tomorrow (or in a few days) what i've recently bought from Boohoo, Missguided and Dorothy Perkins.


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hello is anyone there?

Wow, i'm back...i think!

I've had a few months away from blogging i just wasn't feeling it and it felt like too much of an effort to write up any posts.

I've still been keeping up with all the blogs i follow and i've got some nail posts all prepared and ready to go if i decide i'm ready to get back into blogging anyway.

Whilst i've been away nothing much has happened - i turned 23 so now i feel really old and like i'm suddenly supposed to be a grown up?! Like a flash summer is upon us and there are so many nice pieces of clothing out my eyes can't take it all in.

I have no photos to really show what i've been doing the past few months so i'll share some photos of Parsnip instead; because he makes me smile so i hope he does the same for you; see you all soon...maybe